This is the third garage kit of my Elf series.

It's always from E2046, but not in the section ORI, so this time, no fancy cardboard box for the kit. It was always the picture of the finished model that is present. The manual is also much neater. I think it is mainly there for parts inventory.

Time to talk pieces now. First the body and legs. This time, it will make the pining, because there just is keyed to the placement of both legs. The quality of the resin and the details are still to go. Side arms, there was a form large enough to avoid reinforcing a rod. For the head, attention must be paid to the small knot at the base which is very fine. I almost blow it up twice in degreaser. So caution when handling.

And finally, the double sword which he will straighten a bit and cape size low; since this is the hip, I do not know if it has a specific game name.

In conclusion, a set a little lower than the previous two sets, especially at the core cast which are poorly placed to some (one on the bun). But it remains nevertheless a fine garage kit. I expect the elf princess (ORI section this time) with some impatience. But I think I will not be disappointed either. In all knowledge, all we know is already known and those who know nothing know as much as those who do not know more than them.

The finished model is gorgeous, I trust you, you're gonna make us a magnificent piece. In any case, casting is very fine and well detailed. It will be very nice! What I want to know is how the guy happened to sculpt these models? Anyone know how they do that or what they use? They are strong these Japanese! Time is not only important in monopoly it is important in most games. It is about 24 cm. It will be very nice! What I want to know is how the guy happened to sculpt these models?

They work usually with polyester putty from what I could see in magazines and the famous program puramotsukurou models, we tried to make a descirption. 24cm it is the fact that it's going to finish this size. Well I finally decided to do my Dark Elf. For color, I chose to draw inspiration from the formidable black Elf Princess of the anime "The Chronicles of Lodoss wars". I'll pass on the preparation and editing, since there is no major concern of my knowledge, just one or two small bubbles to be sealed. Otherwise, the fit of parts is well served by the notches, nothing to worry about.

If perhaps a frustrating point, much of the sword was double bent, so I straightened into hot water and once rehabilitated, moved to the cold water to keep it in that form. But now, once after the last layer, there was a problem of temperature at home, it was so hot yesterday. And this beast of a sword has taken a slight curvature. Well since it's light enough, I will leave like that. Then, the skin color tan with this specific dark elves. For the makeup of the daughter, I chose a medium gray blue lips and a lighter shade on the eyelids.

I am glad I can afford that as there is no pokerstars rakeback, but I found other ways to save some cash from playing bridge. Yes online gaming is another of my hobbies and I spend quite some time every week enjoying it, either online poker, chatting with friends or some of the free games like the quizzes and puzzles. I am pretty good at it, probably because I have a very competitive nature and I always try to surpass myself. Can you solve the Rubik's Cube by the way? But back to the elves now.

For the eyes, how they will be made to approach the manga style, I am not sure. After finishing the painting of all partially stripped, I masked them after thorough drying (two days to be sure). After that, I prepared a mixture of white (Gunze H1) with a touch of bright blue (Gunze H15). The body after passing the blue-white was great. Same rate for all other parts. The hardest part will be highlighted that all these drawings will have to be brushed. Then you made a fool hiding it like the other shows in the video. It is really that embellished the figure!

It is a great idea to remake the famous dark elf born, I love the color for his clothes, I can say in passing that I loved the beautiful Archess Ney Lord of Lightning! Good luck for the future. A few small steps, paint nails matched her lips. After removing the masking tape, that's what gives its real color level. And finally, the work on the face (lips, eyebrows, eyelids and eyes) with alterations to the eyes. It's nice. So there before and after the change of eyes and putting fuses in front. If I get what I want for the eyes, I will provide pictures tomorrow.

The sorting game, a game to learn how to classify waste

The sorting game is a sorting game in which you have to sort labels to learn how to sort your waste correctly. At the end of the fourth period, I worked with children on waste and recycling. To start this sequence, I offered my students a waste sorting activity to learn how to classify them correctly. First of all you must have children handle real packaging. Before offering this game, it is essential to have children handle it. So I asked the parents to bring some packaging to be thrown in the garbage. In the whole class, we sorted out the waste brought back by the children.

It is so important to teach our children about good waste management methods, so they are well aware of the issue of pollution and waste creation when they are adults. Even if most recycling bins indicate only "newspapers and magazines", you can throw all the papers in it! The problem is that these papers are mixed with other recyclable waste, which costs much more to recycle for communities. Fortunately some counties have special paper containers (usually blue) for recycling paper. But don't forget that if there is no paper container near you or at school, you can throw them directly in the recycling bin. A small, very simple gesture to put in place in class is to provide students with a blue bin to get them used to throwing their paper waste.

What papers can we put in the recycling bin or the paper container? To be recycled, the papers must be at least the size of a postcard, for example:

  • letters, envelopes, letters and sheets of paper
  • newspapers and magazines (stripped of their plastic film)
  • advertisements and flyers
  • books and notebooks (without spiral)
  • catalogs and directories
  • paper bags